Hey Guys,

i play lead guitar in a band called everything that happens


and ive not had that much problem with writing lead parts,

but ive recently hit a little snag.

ive noticed that theres no "variation" in guitar part from the chorus of my songs,

to the instrumental part between chorus - verse.

(apart from the song "i tried so hard" i just need the little guitar part im going to explain below to make it sound cool)

i play the same thing on each.

what i want to write is one of those lead parts you play through the chorus that sound like an arpeggio or sumthing,

here are some examples (with the time it actually comes into the song, so you can skip right to it)

Fightstar - Colours bleed 0:57

Smudge - we are the night 0:10 (listen closely)

You Me At Six - Jealous Minds 0:55 ( quite quiet)

Fightstar - Deathcar 0:54 (listen closely)

its one of them things that gives the song a more "epic" sound

like three or four notes being picked individually over and over

its a little quiet on some songs, but its definetly there and gives it a more full sound.

and i need to write some!

any tips/tricks?



ive found one thing that kinda fits my description, (in drop d)
first finger = second fret d string
third finger = fourth fret g string
little finger = 5th fret b string

and play the notes individually up and down,
it goes with this chord progression

Em (second fret), C#, B, D (open top strings) (in 4/4)

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i didnt watch any of the videos but try doing some moderate speed taps

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long story short is this

study composition

especially of the bands and songs you like and see what they did to get the sound you want.