What's your opinion on this pedal? I'm considering getting this but would it work well connected to a Roland Cube 30x? And my guitar is the Peavey Raptor Exp.
don't use distortion pedals with a digital modeling amp. get a valve amp where the distortion will actually make a difference, first, then decide if you need one.

you could get it now and save it for the future, but depending on your next amp, maybe you wouldn't need it
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I heard that the pedal would work well as long as I'm on the clean channel of my amp. Would it work well if I used the pedal while on the clean channel?
what tones are you looking for?
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I like the cleans on the Cube 30x so I'm wondering if I can play on the clean channel and only use distortion from the Satchurator pedal for a good lead tone but I don't know if that would work well
Word of advice--the satchurator is a great pedal but sounds like pure a$$ when put through a solid state amp. I don't know why, but it does. It's in my rig when playing through my JSX, but when I tried it through a crate, vox, and marshall solid state combo amp, the tone was absolutely terrible.

Other advice: the tone knob is VERY touchy. Find a setting you like and mark it really well. Tape down that sucker in case you kick it. The gain knob is best set just before 12:00 to get the MORE switch to kick out a great lead gain tone. I leave the volume knob maxed out.
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I'm looking for the Joe Satriani tone like:
or at least something close to it

Same here! I really want Satch's AWM/AWY tone! Try the satchurator with your amp because I hear it responds differently to each amp.
If you end up getting it, I'd like to hear how it is, cause I'm considering buying it.
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I'm gonna check out the local Long & Mcquade and see if they have it. theyre having their boxing week sale so I might as well go and chekc it out.
Sorry to bump an old thread, but...

I picked up the satchurator 2 weeks ago and have been loving it ever since. You can get such a wide variety of tones of it; I am very impressed.

I usually keep the gain at around 4 or 5, the tone around 3-5, and the volume at 7. Then when I need more gain I just click on the "More" switch and it puts the gain at about 10, and gives a slight volume boost as well. Be careful when adjusting that tone knob, it is VERY sensitive. Once you find a spot you like be sure to remember where you had it set.

I like the way this pedal sounds when I run it through the clean channel of my amp, but when I set my amp for a light crunch sound and turn the pedal on, it gets a very pleasing tone as well. You can get blues tones, to modern rock, and maybe even some nice metal tones with some tweaking of your amp.
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