I was trying to find an airsoft version of the FG42 (Fallschirmjaeger Gewehr '42). It was intended as an Assault Rifle/LMG for German Paratroops in WWII.

Anyway I'm trying to find an airsoft version. I cant find one. So I looked for a gun that looked similar to it. The best I found was between an SVD or SL-9 (G36 sniper variant). I decided to go with the SL-9 since it looked somewhat futuristic or sci-fi -ish. (Also some of the rifles used in WWII are like, WTF?)

So anyway, I am looking for an SL-9 AEG with a full-metal body and metal gearbox. Also one that can shoot shot, after shot, after shot, consistently and accurately. Also one that wont break the bank TOO much. Somewhere in the $150-$275 range. That would still get what I want from it, right?

So what brands would you suggest looking into?
I know Classic Army makes an SL-8 (looks exactly the same but with a scope), but I believe it's in the 300 range.
I would try the Classic Army one, but its made of fiberglass. I've heard that stuff can cause health problems, so no. Otherwise I would.

I want one whose body is ABS plastic or whatever that composite material is.

I'll even settle for plastic body as long as the gearbox is metal.
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