I think something is wrong with my TSL head. I had it in my brothers shed yesterday, and i cranked the clean channel, gain and volume, all the way up. I was outside the shed playing, but it was still clean, no breakup at all. Also it wasnt extremely loud.
The power tubes are fine, theyre not very old, but the preamp tubes are still the stock marshall ones.

What could be wrong with it??
Maybe because you were outside the shed?

I have my JTM45 inside an entertainment room at my folks house, people outside the room can barely hear it but inside the room it is very loud, louder than a volume most gigs would let me turn the amp to.
I know thats why it wasnt really loud, but that doesnt explain why it was still clean when i cranked it.
Also it wasnt deafeningly loud even when i was in the shed. And its just corrugated iron walls, so nothing to deaden the sound really.
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