Hey guys sorry im pretty sure this is a silly question but can anyone reccomend me an amp for about £100? been playing for about 5 months and looking for a relatively decent amp to practise in my room with so if anyone could help me out that would be awesome :] also sorry if i posted this in wrong forum :[

thanks in advance :]
umm mostly things like ACDC guns n roses led zeppelin to some newer stuff like avenged sevenfold RJA & funeral for a friend.. nothing too heavy :]

thanks :]
how much is 100E in usd?
Roland Microcube
Roland Cube series (a bunch of them)
Peavey Vypr series (somewhat new, heard good things)
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right Metallica is a given. Personally I like to pretend the bus exploded and killed them all in '86.

look into the roland cubes/microcubes, vox valvetronix and peavey vypyrs. theyr the best "cheap modeling amps" on the market, which makes them perfect for beginners.

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