I bought a Holy Grail today. They didn't have the adapter for it, . I asked the guy if it'd work with the dc brick (which I have). He said "yeah you just need an adapter". So I don't know, the manual is pretty specific about it. Will I have to order an adapter, or can I use the DC brick with it and not wreck anything?
Can you not just plug it into the brick and see if it works?
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Quote by RG_FANMAN
the DC brick is a power supply, the same thing as an adapter.

Yes. That is pretty much true. But not all adapters have the same output and so forth. Anyways I guess I'm going to have to get the specific adapter for the grail which is 9 volts 500 milliamps. I hope it doesn't take long to ship.
why? the DC brick should power your Holy Grail just fine. in the manuals they're a bit overzealous about specific adapters. In the manuals for my DS-1 and 535Q, is says MUST BE USED WITH (whatever the company is for the given pedal) ADAPTER! In reality, and power supply will power it just fine. I use a one spot with my pedals and it works perfectly, and I've seen tons of pros use DC Bricks and Pedal Power supplies with various EHX pedals.
I read somewhere that people that didn't use the EHX adapter for the Holy Grail got some extra noise and they were better off getting the EHX one, so I would just go with the EHX.
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