This is probably a stupid question . But, do fender amps only work well with single coil pickups or fender guitars? Also, does the DOD YJM308 pedal work well with humbuckers?

Thanks you
No and I have not tried that pedal.
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IMO, fender amps work best with single coils, but they can sound very good with humbuckers too.
I would assume that the DOD would work alright for humbuckers, because it's too trebly to be used with single coils.
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no idea about the pedal but they work good with whatever guitar...
sound great with humbuckers.... i mean what would a marshall or vox be good for since they dont make any guitars? its just voiced for a fender esque sound
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no, fender amps work with any guitar or pickups, how would you restrict that, like scan you headstock in it or something?
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