So ok today I bought a marshall jcm 2000 dsl with some christmas money its almost brand new theres not even scratches at the bottom of the little rubber foot casters its mint from a local pond shop for 585 dollars. It kind of scares me it was there because They probably dont respect the tubes by warming them up properly and all and people wanting to touch and twist all the knobs. But anyway the salesman tried to sell me ablue voodoo and when I plugged it up channel 1 wouldnt come on and the guy said that it was made to keep from bumping the switch on stage lol
so I got the marshall footswitch and plugged it in and 1 came on. As the guy wastrying to sell my parents on it channel 1 started cutting in and out and made some wooshing sounds and the salesman tried to talk over me as i said it was cutting out. I couldnt duplicate it because it started working again so my parents thought it was fine. So I told my parents tough luck im taking the marshall...
the power section got 2 el-34 groove tubes and 4? sovtek 12ax7's in the pre amp. The speaker in my 1x12 cab blew so I have not got to play it in the store out of some 4x12 with and it sounded wicked so I bought it. Its a giant IMPROVEMENT from my LINE SIX SPIDER 3 75... So was it a good deal for the money and is there anything bad I should know about it? Sorry for writing this massive blob of words... and sorry for the grammer im really tired
good stuff man
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Thats a great deal and even if the tubes give out after a while you can just replace them
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