Well, this is what i made the account for, really. Here goes nothing...

As some of you know, i just got a Peavey Wolfgang Special (yes, the korean one) with a floyd rose. I've never had a FR before so this is kind of a learning experience for me. Anyways, i was doing something with how it's setup and the next thing i know, BAM! The low E string has HORRIBLE buzz all along the string and i mean all along. As in, open string and 1st fret to 22nd, there is buzz. I cannot pinpoint it but it appears to be fret buzz. Another interesting thing i noticed is that the notes from ~fret 17-18+ are almost dead.

Here's what i did so far:

- Replaced the string, did nothing.
- Held down the locking nut to make sure it wasnt rattling, didn't help.
- Made sure it wasnt hitting the pickups.
- Checked the other strings, none of them are rattling except the E string.

This leads me to believe that it is not a problem with the truss rod.

Anyone know what's wrong and what i can do to fix it?

EDIT: I also raised the bridge, which did nothing except make the string a bit higher pitch-wise and more uncomfortable to play.
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