try it out
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Thanks lol, Considering trying out that exact model is impossible, and trying out a stingray isn't the most convinent since no music stores around me carry them, just was looking for outside opinions.

Didn't mean to sound like a dick^^ btw, just being honest
That is just...beautiful.

I love Stingers, but the humbucker gives them a rather unique sound. I would most definitely try one out before laying out that amount of money. They are great for rock, funk and can be sweet slap machines.
So Ive heard on the slapping. I heard the slapping is godly

Any suggestions on the double humbuckers. I mean, the one Im looking at with the gold an stuff is a double, which I'm assuming just gives more tonal options as opposed to the single one?
For starters, go try it out.

Stingrays are fantastic basses, and are probably among the most well-constructed mass-production basses in North America. Getting a lemon would be extremely unlikely. Also, you'll likely prefer it to the Thunderbird you tried, and if I were you, I'd go ahead and get it without fear of disliking it. It will sound great, be of sound construction, and be very comfortable to use.

EDIT: And yes, the double humbucker models will give you many more tonal options. All of the original Stingray features, plus a bunch more. I'm personally a fan of the single-H Stingrays like my '86; if I want a Stingray, I want a straight-up, normal Stingray. I'll delegate all the extra features to my Wickys
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I intend on buying my next bass be the one to carry me my music career.
I currently have a schecter stilleto custom 4 string with the satin finish, and its amazing, but I'd love to just get that bass that is untouchably amazing lol

I think that baby might just be it.
Well, there is always GAS, but I'd say that this Stingray will certainly never be "one-upped" in the future.... I've had my '86 for nearly two years, a record for me! I honestly can't see myself getting rid of it any time soon despite the fact I've picked up bigger and better things along the way. It's just this really nice bass that's always there, no matter what. If you've got the cash, go for it!
"Comedy's a dead art form. Now tragedy, that's funny." -Bender Bending Rodriguez
I agree. Its really a bass that will stay with you the rest of your life. I love my fretless Stinger and if I ever get a six string, it will be its brother, the Bongo.
The answer is yes, they have one of those at my local music shop, it's in a glass case on the wall...breathtaking. However you're just as well off with any Stingray if you ask me, they're fabulous instruments. I'd kill for a fretless.
Quick questions

I hear stingrays can be a bit heavy, I play a Schecter Stilleto like i said, which is pretty light.
How heavy is a stingray in comparison?
Whats the difference between the sterling and the stingray cuz musicman has both of the above in the sequioa gold and the sterling I could get right away, while the stingray has a 5 month hold lol
^ Weight wasn't a big issue on the on I tried out. plus, the playability is excellent. The tone, as everyone has said, is amazing. It sounded great when slapped even though the strings were 100% dead (hadn't been changed in a LOOOOOOOOOOOONG time. They were so dead they almost sounded like flats). I can only imagine the godly slap tone you'd get with new strings.

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Whats the difference between the sterling and the stingray

Sterling is slightly smaller, and therefore weighs slightly less. That's the biggest difference, though I believe the controls are also slightly different, but I'm not sure. If you're very worried about weight, the Sterling may be a good choice
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Sterling to a Stringray is a Jazz to a Precision
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I would get the stingray, My next bass is most likely going to be one. The stingray will have more growl than the stirling.
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Well I have played this bass. It's pretty good. I like the HH pup config, as I'm not a fan of the positioning of the single H pup.

Nice bass and the gold on black is fancy without looking wanky. I'd go for it if I had the money. If you do, go out and spend to save the world economy! lol
I've got a Musicman SUB Stingray and it's brilliant, it's a single bucker but I expect that bass the OP posted would be miles better than mine and mines awesome.

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It sure is Ryward.
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Off to the music stores to day to look for a stingray to try to get a basic idea,
and It looks like I'll probably be ordering the model in my original post.
Go you then youll never sell it, and if you do youll be obligied to give it to me for free.
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Hartke lh 500
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Hah, deal. lol

Actually, I just had a discussion with my old man, and he made the vow to buy this badboy for me as my 18th birthday gift, which nullifies the huge party I was going to have, but honestly
Bass>Party anyday.

I'm going on my stingray search in about 45 minutes lol
Good Luck. By the way, another difference between the Singray and Sterling is that the preamp is slightly different in the Sterling, and maybe the pickup, but I'm not so sure on that one.
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