hi there.
this is my first post here. I began writing some poetry/lyrics because I'm planning to join a band and I've been told that I write pretty good and bla bla bla, but that's in portuguese, let's see how I make it in english xD

cnc on this please, it's a work in progress and might sound a bit random. I started it a while ago and then finished it later. Thanks!

Oh Those blue doors
they open to a whole new world

no birds or high skies
but the taste of a sour crowd

inside time flies
as gazes cross the space

and by one of the glassy shores
my heart takes a faster pace

Oh, Don't you look at me
just look if you need to see
the perfect fireflyies
a soul that lies
or what you want to be

a soul that lies
don't you look at me...

I crave the sweet end
the mouth of the concrete river

But I've been a slave, a servant to my emotions
From a puddle of trust, I cried it to oceans

For I no longer mourn, no longer quiver
I fear for your pale expression
Should it blend with the clouds and dissapear
No joy nor no tear would free me of my obssession

[2nd chorus]
Oh, please look at me
please look, you need to see
the flickery fireflies
the soul that no longer lies
what I want us to be

between new hopes and cries
I stop looking at thee...
[2nd chorus]
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