I love music, I listen to it all day everyday. For a while I've just been uninspired. Maybe it's my ****ty amp, maybe it's because I don't smoke weed anymore. I just feel so uninspired in life in general, depressed, anxious, just shiitacular.

I don't like to bring negativity upon everyone but maybe some of you have been in my position before, any advice?

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racer xxxxxxx

p.s what do you guys think about line 6 pods
I felt like that once man, i know how it feels. I have never done drugs but I had problems, I still wonder if I am insane though haha. But what you should do is exercise because when you sweat you get happy, I don't know why. Practice different things on guitar, try to make up something cool or perhaps learn one of your favorite songs. Don't get mad if you suck, I've been there... just practice and don't give up!
i feel like that at the moment. i still practice guitar enough but i just dont enjoy it like i used to.
If your amp is **** then you should get a good one with nice tone. If your uninspired maybe try listening to new bands/artists. If weed relieves your stress well maybe you could start agin
I leik music
I believe Depression can be a source of inspiration...not that im emo....
Never give up I almost did but then I rememberd how much I love playing guitar and how empty I would feel without it. I was self taught so if you are as well I recommend taking some lessons its really helped me to want to play and practice hard every day cause I only have a week to master the techniques.
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Try a new tuning- going outside of your comfort zone as a player can lead to all kinds of new discoveries and can be quite revitalizing.

Personally, I like Fripp's NST: C-G-D-A-E-G, but that's a pretty rare one. I know a lot of players like D-A-D-G-A-D and all kinds of drop tunings.

Give 'em a whirl!

If your amp is driving you nuts, save up some dough and get a new (or "new to you" used amp).

As for the Line6 Pod, I don't own one, but I do have the older but similar Korg Px4. Like trying out a new tuning, this thing was instrumental (*ahem*) in keeping me in the game. It let me experiment with all kinds of effects and simulated amps...its like an infinite supply of candy for a guitarist.

I'd imagine the Pod would do much the same for you as my Korg did for me.
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I would refer you back to this thread...


spend some time actually playing the guitar.
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Take a short break.

Trust me, it helps! May not seem logical but take a break from the guitar, listen to some new music and do something else to occupy your team. After a while, when you return to the guitar, you'll love it again. Everyone goes through these phases, just gotta learn how to deal with it.

Do you jam a lot? Are you in a band? That may inspire you to write some more tunes and focus on getting better.
It could be the amp, but I love playing a lot more when I'm smoking weed. Some may say its not good for you, but it opens up the creative part of your brain and makes you want to play more.
Well I'm glad you're off weed, but sad to see it was your primary source of inspiration. If you want inspiration, do what I do and watch my favorite artists' videos. Maybe watching Racer X in action could get you going. There's always gonna be days where your brain is in low gear, but just keep at it.