Hey, i liked it bro, i really like the sound of your distortion. Very thick, little bit of fuzz, i love it. Drums sound good. But during your main Riffs(intro, chorus) i think the lead should be turned up a bit more. Because thats a really cool part of the song, and it sometimes has trouble coming through. But otherwise it is mixed very well.
thnx for looking at my stuff too.
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I like the songs man, especially Disconnect, I just think on Asterisk the volumes are a little off, cant put my finger on it but maybe turning up the guitars a little or the drums down a tad may help, I like the song though, especially the last solo, reminds me of the Silversun Pickups a little bit..

Good work!

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Yo man..cool opening riff, but the levels are a bit off. the guitars could come up a bit, the drums kind of suffocate them. I like the vocal distortion, its pretty dense. I really dig the b section change..sounds great. Reminds me a Chevelle-type thing. I love the "I stare in" line. Cool solo type section. Overall, its a cool song, I love the mood and progressions. But the production could be a lot clearer, and the levels adjusted. Great job though

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