lately i've been working with scales but when my bandmates asked me to solo over a chord progression... I dont know what to do and looked stupid for a couple of minutes...... Pit could you recommend me some good lessons or perhaps instructional videos on soloing?? Cheers!
Come up with phrases and licks at home and then try to plug them in when you're improvising.
Don't just go up and down scales. Try skipping notes or moving from place to place
Use interesting rhythms
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Keep practicing the scales until you know them backwards, forwards, and with your eyes closed. Eventually a solo for you will not feel like just random bits of a scale, but free musical expression. It comes with time, keep it up.
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I learned every box of my A Minor Penta. for 5 days straight, nothing else played but that. After those 5 days, i knew every note in that scale like the palm of my hand, and i had no trouble finding solos that went in that scale. Just practice, and things will come to you.
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Try only using 4 notes in a certain scale position at a time, coming up with only 4 or 5 note licks is the best way to expand. Over time you can use more positions and make the licks longer.
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