Hey guys, I got a new amp for Christmas... but I don't like it. It's a Spider III, need I say more? However... I don't want to make my parents feel bad for getting me a new amp when they did nothing wrong, I just wasn't being specific. So, here's what I was thinking of doing...

#1 - Speaker Replacement

#2 - New Effects

#3 - Dual Channals

I would like to keep this little project under $300. I know I could buy a new amp for that but I think with your help I could build a better one. All suggestions are greratly appreciated!
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I believe the speaker used in those is a specially designed speaker so that it is more linear then most so that the effects come out properly. You can't change the effects unles you can program the thing. There isn't much you can do.
Leave the speaker you will just be wasting money. The speaker is designed so not to color the amp the modelling is supposed to do everything. It already has several channels and its pretty much a computer inside its not like a tube amp where you can just unsolder something to make it different. If you open it up the warranty is void and you will probably need the warranty. So just deal with it, trade it or sell it.
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I have a Spider III and i love it. But there's nothing you can do about that amp man.

agreed, when you learn all the diff settings it can be pretty cool. But its digital. so your prob not going to mod it.
1. Play it for a few days, decide if you actually dont like it or if you're just jumping on the bandwagon.
2. If you really dont like it, tell your parents its not really what you were after in an amp and you want to go trade it in for another.

They'll understand, they dont know anything about guitar gear. I guarantee they kept the receipt in case that happenned.