Are there any RHCP songs that sound cool on acoustic guitar? I mean other than Road Trippin' and all the others originally played acoustically.

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I play Californication acoustically instead of on an electric most times; it sounds pretty sweet to me.
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Under The Bridge and Scar Tissue are good ones.
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Thanks, I normally play under the bridge acoustically but i'll try scar tissue and californication

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even though they arent originally RHCP songs, John Frusciante has covered the songs Tiny Dancer and After Hours which both sound really cool on acoustic.
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Hmm, Wet Sand perhaps? Might be a tad difficult to hit some of the higher notes though.
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all of the suggestions above are really good, and two others are soul to squeeze & can't stop
thanks for all the suggestions!

They sound great, I already knew how to play most of them so that was good

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Ya Wet Sand is great and my favourite to play acousticly is Soul to Squeeze!
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