Well I just got a Line 6 Pod Studio UX2 recording interface for christmas.

I have it set up, I have pod farm (the modulation program) installed, I have everything plugged in right, but I have just one question. The way I currently have it set up is:

Guitar into Input on UX2
UX2 into comp
Headphones into UX2,allowing me to listen.

Now, also, I like to switch between the above and having the interface's audio out going out to my Peavey Valveking amplifier. All this does is allow for a more full, brighter tone.

My question lies in the field of inputting the sound from my amp into the interface, without having the interface changing it at all.

My amplifier has a section on it's panel labeled "EFFECTS" with two inputs that say, "Send" and, "Return".
What I had it doing was sending a cord out of the "Send" into the "normal" instrument input on the UX2 interface. It worked fine, but the distortion was downplayed and was changed to sound crappy.

So, my question is:

How would I go about capturing the amplifier's sound into the computer without having the interface interfere with the sound? (Keep in mind the fact that the interface will only detect input with POD FARM being open.)

The UX2 has two instrument inputs, a "Normal" and a "Pad".

It also has monitor in, and two analog outputs (2/R and 1/L), one Digital Out (S/PDIF), two footswitch inputs, two line inputs (2/R, 1/L), and two microphone inputs.

Thanks in advance.

2004 PRS Swamp Ash Special
Peavey Valveking 212
Dunlop Crybaby 535Q
Line 6 UX2
so what you want is the valveking tone to be recorded to you computer not the pod farm tone. the ux2 has a mic input,just buy a good mic, (shur sm57) mic the cab and hit record.
Are you trying to say you want to make your amplifiers effects go onto the recording? If so, you can't. If you're using your amp as a monitor just to hear what you're playing instead of the headphones, plug the amp into the "monitor in" input. Things should be dandy from there. I want the UX2 also, but I'm telling you what I know from my recording experience. (Not much but enough). I've been wondering what the diff was between Normal and Pad too...Well, hopefully my post helps.