So in NHL 09 for xbox 360 theres a feature that lets you customize what songs you want to play during a goal or the beginning of the game ect...

So what are the best sports pump up songs?
Duke Ellington - If it sounds good, it is good.
Before a game, i always listen to determined by mudvayne and The Victorious Dead by the absence
my pump ups
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final fantasy 7- boss battle theme.
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one song...DON'T STOP... BEIEVING!. you may or not have a team sing a long
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In Your Face - Children of Bodom
Peavey XXX combo *upgraded screen resistors, Tung-Sol's, and 6L6's*
Schecter Syn Std. * modded, scalloped, and worn*
Schecter C-1 Elite *still sexy*
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