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I got a new tuner. I've been playing standard tune for a year(That is also how long i've been playing guitar) and i have no idea how this tuner works. I got a KORG tuner and it goes off of flats. It goes to 5 flats and i don't know what it means. What i'm trying to ask is what does each flat represent as a tuning. Does the first flat represent like drop D or something. I'm new to drop tuning, so don't flame me for not knowing.
0 flats - standard
1 flat - half step
2 flats - whole step

and so on.

example - to tune to drop d you would tune the a,d,g,b,e strings to standard and press the flat button twice to tune the low e string.
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So 2 flats is a "letter drop" Thanks mate

No, 2 flats equals one whole tone. For example c to b would be only one 'flat' because they are only 1 half step apart. there is no extra step between those two, nor between e and f. other than that though, it would require you to press the flat button twice to drop from one whole step.