I have always been inspired to play a solo. But i have only playe for a year and a half. So, i never thought that i could play a solo. Are there any "easy" solos? that i can play? I play metal and rock, so anything in that category works.

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one of my first solos was the Fall To Pieces solo by Velvet Revolver
i write my own. but thats cuz i hate to sit and learn tabs.
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ive been playing for 8 months. the first solo i learned was the one in Nothing Else Matters by Metallica
alot of tom morello's are 'easy to play'..the hard part is getting the correct sound

just for the hell of it, and cause i didnt see anyone say it yet, try Teen Spirit solo on a easy scale of 1-10 thats about a 1/2
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How do you make that slash sound for the solo of fall to pieces?

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"heart-shaped box" and "smells like teen spirit" are easy solos

both are by nirvana
Highway to Hell by AC/DC is a good starter solo....not too long but has a good variety of techniques in it, and at the same time it's not so simple that you'll fell underwhelmed by learning it.
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"heart-shaped box" and "smells like teen spirit" are easy solos

both are by nirvana

yeah, and they sound cool
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you shook me all night long by ac/dc is easy, it was my first solo, stairway to heaven is pretty easy too
Nothing Else Matters is good, so is Suicide and Redemption (from Death Magnetic) plus its way easy to get ur teacher (if u hav one) to teach it to u. Someone who can play it back and point out where ur going wrong is great. I know that helps me as i get lost sometimes when i learn from tabs
yes "teen spirit" "heart shaped box" do have some really easy solos, the first solo i learned was from Black Sabbath "Sabbath Bloody Sabbath" its solo is really simple, id rate it about a 2 or 3 on a scale from 1-10
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Don't Cry has a pretty easy solo, also the first 2 November Rain solos

Fall To Pieces solo isn't that easy

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