i made this to be sort of demo for my new Tiny Terror, but it turned out pretty cool. Just a little improvisation i made with my loop pedal. I had fun with it, decided to make a little vid. Tell me what you think, its a chord progression ive been messing with for a while, but this is just messing around. Tell me what you think, ive been playing for 2 years and was just wondering where i stand. thanks in advance, and C4c


also, please rate the vid, thanks
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That's a pretty funky song man. That was a good job. Ofcourse when you loop the rhythm like that for 5 minutes it gets a bit over used, but you kep me interested with the lead part. If you can find yourself a nice hook or chorus part for the song it would be a pretty sweet tune! Good work.

Can you check out my thread and let me know if I'm going in the right direction with the song?

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god, thats a great bass line. This song is pretty good. like the guy said b4 me, that backing riff gets a little boring, i suggest that u make a riff thats similar to that and switch it up a little bit. But the lead guitar work keeps me listening. cool song
and thnx for lookin at my stuff.
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That's really cool, it's got an awesome grove. A little rough, but for a demo, that's great! Maybe just try a few more things w/ the rhythm to make it slightly less repetitive.
It sounds cool, but it doesn't feel cool, if you get what I'm saying. I personally didn't like the tone and I just felt as if you weren't giving it your all, by the way your playing sounded.

It's a good song though, it's just rough imo, and the solo was kind of... it was really good but it was sharp. haha it had a bite to it
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