I got a set of fender strat SCN pickups and installed them yesterday. I had previously replaced all the pots and the 5 way selector switch, so installation was relatively simple. As soon as I was done, plugged the guitar in, and the pickups sounded amazing. I set the guitar down, came back 2 hours later, adjusted the pickup height, and plugged her in. This time however, the dreaded single coil buzz was there. It did the obvious "touch metal sound kinda goes away" thing. I redid everything, looked for a short, and nothing worked. Can anyone give me an epiphany?
ive had a similar problem with scn's but i think i've had a disconnected wire inside the actual pup, i took it to the local shop cuz i couldnt open up the pup and the tech guy said that the common problem with the scn's is the interior wire so what he said he did was hold the solder iron to the contact pins for several seconds to get the interior wire to reconnect, (the square/circle/triangle) dunno if it helps, but he got my pups to work like that