Well Ive had one for awhile. I think ive gotten a good tone, I just want to know what each of the knobs are for. like what exactly do they do. I know someone is going to say just mess with them and youll find out, but ive been searching for about an hour now and I cant find it. thanks for your help
|II| |II| |II| |II| |II| |II| |II| |II| |II|

\ Bass / \ Mids / \ Treb /

^ That's what every slider's corresponding tone is.
Well, to put it this way, the more left you go, the more of a low it controls

So the far left will be like this: Bass: 100%, Mid: 0%, Treb:0%

Middle would be like 0,100,0

far right would be 0,0,100
each one corresponds to a different frequency. in terms of increasing, increasing the left gives more bass and as you go along increasing each slider the mids will be increased and then the treble. the ones closer to the left affect the bass, the ones in the center are mids and the far right slides are for trebley frequencies
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