Is there a peadl or effect that can be used to make the sound of slash's guitar?

les paul ---> marshall stack with the use of his hands and a minor pentatonic scale
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a marshall silver jubilee head and a JCM 900 cab. and a gibson les paul slash VOS guitar.

unless your going for his sound now with velvet revolver. then you should get a marshall vintage modern and a gibson usa slash signature.
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Use your neck humbucker pickup and turn your tone nob all the way down (Experiment in 0-3 range).
I get a closer sound by doing this.

I use a LP copy which is almost good. Switch to neck pick-up and down the tone knob (below 2-4/10). Volume up to 8/10.

And for the amp - 3/4-mid, 5/8-low, 3/8-high and distortion on.
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thanks man. it worked well for me.

Nice, good to hear that.