I'm thinking about a getting myself a PA system so i could do band practise and be able to do vocals through something other then a guitar amp. I don't wish to get a ****ty one thats not that great but i don't really wanna spend too much on a PA system.

What should i consider when thinking about getting a PA system?

could any one make some recommendations with decent models for a decent price? i'll probably be running a Shure SM-48 or a Shure SM-58, if that makes any difference.
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I'm in the market myself, but about $600 is a good place to start for a modest PA system. It could be more or less depending on how good it is. You obviously need to consider how many channels for mics and direct instruments you want and how much power you need for the situations it will be used in. A PA with about 400 watts can play to a high school gym.