I know UG can be anti-brain sometimes, but I know there are some Sudoku addicts here. I just got hooked today and i don't regret it at ALL.
Why I Love Spanish Women

I'm hoping by "crack" you mean cleavage unless you have some kind of bizarre ass-chest.

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Dude, relax. Don't be so rape about things.
i only do binary sudoku.
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Hey! Now you can molest you're grandma and she won't remember! Score!!!

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I do them all the time, I have the game in my phone. The numbers are colored in it, so I mess up when trying to do them in paper.
I used to love it, but since we started doing them in Math class...

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I snapped my high E once and sliced my finger open, so I can only assume snapping the low E would put me into a coma or something.
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i only do binary sudoku.

Kinda tough to get them to add up to 10 though huh?
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And thanks MotleyCrueSATD, that was pretty awesome.

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the truth he speaks well, harken unto his word.
I could never get into them, but theyre all the craze at my workplace. I'm a crossword guy anyways.
fukk those things piss me off. they make me wanna curbstomp a baby then push a pregnant mother down some stairs.
I was in 5th grade.

My dad is though, does it all the time.

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