I heard that if you want to learn a song and figure out how to count to the rhythm, you have to listen to the snares of the drums. Can anyone tell me what is on the drums? Sorry, I dont play drums so I wouldnt know, anyways how would you count while listening to it since thats what I heard your supposed to listen to?

Thanks, if anymore explaining would be needed to clarify, I would do so.

Examples would be helpful as well and please make the answers very detailed please.
like when you listen to it and find the accent... and say 1... 2...3...4...1...2...3...4

that's all you need, the snare is the metallic sounding drum on the drumset, the most used
also listen for the beginning of phrases to find beat one of the measure. you should be able to tell if the phrase begins with a "pick up" note, like half a beat before the phrase begins. kind of hard to explain sorry if it's confusing