This is a great guitar but, I play more acoustic than electric now and I am building a few electrics that will take it's place so this should go to someone who can play it more.
It's in great condition. The Gibson Dirty Finger pickups are awesome and some of the best sounding pickups I have heard. It is a great looking guitar too, The action is very low and it's very nice to play. It is a 2nd but I could never find a reason for this.

24 Jumbo Frets
Hard Maple SpeedTaper D Profile, satin finish set neck
Ebony Fingerboard
Highly Figured Quilt Maple Top
Eye Catching Pearl Knob
Graphite Nut
LockTone locking Tune-O-Matic bridge/stopbar
Grover machine heads
Deep, Rich Black Cherry Finish
"Made in USA" Pickups
Gibson Dirty Fingers humbuckers
Coil-splitting pickups
2 volume, 1 tone w/coil tap, 3-way pickup selector
Unique Blade Inlay Pattern
Bound Fingerboard
Gold hardware

I am also willing to take down the price a little if someone would like either a dimarzio double whammy or air zone in one of the pickup positions or your choice of gfs pups. For trades I am looking for a metal muff with top boost and a digitech bad monkey. For non guitar gear related trades I am looking for a ps2 and a guitar hero.
I'm thinking around $450 plus shipping and half of paypal or best reasonable offer.
I bought a playstation 2 and games so I'm not interested in trading for one anymore.
does it have a pickguard?
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does it have a pickguard?

no these don't come with pickguards.