As I was driving by the sidewalk,
As always,
I saw her again.
She always used to sit by our old school,
Never caring that no one recognized her anymore.

I drove by, but when I said, “Howdy,” out the window,
She didn’t look up.

Just looked at the asphalt,
The word “QUITTER” written on some masking tape,
Stuck on her forehead.

I remember one time, when we were friends,
Walking down the Avenue,
Talking about how interesting high school would be.
And how much fun it would be to grow up together,
Having the time of our life.

But no.
She gave up on that dream, just like everything else.

ok, yeah. my name is silly because I signed up when I was 13.

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Only part I didn't enjoy was

I remember one time, when we were friends:
We were walking down the Avenue,

Perhaps because of the sudden change of tone, solving the "who is this girl" mystery ever so quickly. Also the repetition of "we were", and the colon, ugly to see when misused.