hey all, i was just wondering if anyone who has prior experience with this guitar has anything to say about it. i went to go test one out today b/c im about to buy a new guitar with the money i got from christmas and the only one guitar center and the one used one they had there (only one if the store unfortunatly) had been abused by someone in the store prior and was missing a high e string and the bridge was all messed up. i was just wondering if it was a solid guitar for the price. thanks!
i love my gibson sg special faded but the neck on it just isnt like a standards neck. ive had no problems out of mine and ive had it for 6 months it ages fast and stays in tune well and its a good deal for the price
it is good for the money.
if you want to go a bit cheaper, the epi g400 is also highly reliable and worth the money you pay for it