Hey guys, just tried using my capo on my electric guitar and whenever i try to play the strings are almost completely muted by it

its not that its too loose, 'cos I've tried tightening it as much as i can and nothing changes

is it me doing something wrong or my guitar I'm wondering

i dont think its my capo, i took that in to my local guitar store and he tried iton a similar guitar and it seemed fine to him

I've got a strat shaped guitar if that helps

make sure that the capo isnt completely over the fret or that will happen. you probably dont have it on right or the capo is just a piece of ****.
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uhh not too sure on exactly what type but its aclamp one which you squeeze to open then release to have it clamp down onto the strings (sorry if that description is terrible)
Is the capo designed for a classical guitar with a flat clamping surface? if you use one of those on a curved fingerboard, some of the strings will be muted.
no, its a rounded one which is why i find it even more wierd

i have tried it on a classical and it mutes the middle string, so it cant exactly be designed for that anyway i guess
Do you have a picture of the capo?
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