When i was trying to tune my floating bridge this wire broke while i was trying to move it to make room for the screw driver, now i don't know what this wire does or what it changes will be made to my guitar now that it's broke, any help?

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Solder it back on? (assuming it was soldered)

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That looks like the grounding wire (anyone else have that idea?). They're often soldered to the vibrato spring arms on the back of the guitar. Just restrip the wire and resolder it back to the claw shaped metal.
Looks like the ground wire.
Cuts the noise/hum that the guitar produces.
Get it soldered or your guitar may explode.
That is the ground wire.
Solder it back on, or just wrap it tight so it's making good contact.

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Just get a cheapo solder pen and some solder. Put it back in the exact same spot

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Traynor YCV40 Custom Valve Combo Amp
Crybaby GCB-95 Wah
Boss DD-3 Digital Delay
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Thanks guys but the thing is, the black wire doesn't have any wires coming out of it and the solder that it was ripped from doesn't either. Do i just solder back the black wire onto the previous old solder?

Oh yeah is there any type of soldering iron and solder i need to buy specificly?


EDIT: Sorry for the huge picture.
The black stuff on the wire is plastic insulation, you'll need to strip it off in order to re-solder it. You could carefully carve off about 5mm of the plastic with a sharp knife. You'll want a soldering iron that's fairly powerful, around 65 watts is usually ok. Any kind of standard electrical solder should work for you.
yeah...just do what Waylanderau said, its a grounding wire, sauder about 1cm or so from the tip with a knife, but be really careful not to cut too much or cut yourself for that matter, then sauder it back on....you can take it to a guitar techie and have him or her do it for you.
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Thanks guys but when i strip the wire, where should i solder it onto? The old previous solder that it was ripped from or the other broken peice of wire attached to it?
Just solder it anywhere that is metal-ish in there *points at gigantic pieces all over the place*
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i would get a 35W iron. places like radio shack sell soldering iron kits, complete with everything you need, for about $12.

but other than that, and to make it sound more simple for you,
yes, just stick it to that metal plate with solder.

you need the wire to touch the metal, this prevents humming noise.

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