IS it good?
i want to get the same sound as bands like Dfa1979 and some RHCP songs

i know cliff used a Russian and it sounded nice to me figure the bass one would sound even better
Cliff actually used a regular NYC one, at least I think. If I remember right the Russian ones weren't made while he was playing or something; there's a whole story I forgot but suffice to say I don't think Cliff used a Russian, but no one really knows for sure.

That said, the older Russian pedals sound better than the new black ones, and the Russian Muffs have better bass response than the NYC ones.

Personally I have an NYC Muff. It's definitely a cool pedal, and will make your bass sound like trash if you so desire. But, I haven't found a useful application for it. It sucks your low end out and when jamming with guitarists, my tone just goes into mush. It's awesome to throw on when you're alone in your bedroom and want that EHX fuzz while you jam out to some heavier songs, but other than that, it sucks to be honest.

Cliff also used a Morely wah pedal to get his tone, not just the NYC Muff.

I would advise against it; I think EHX made a bass line (no pun intended) for their major pedals but I haven't played one so I've got nothing to say there. If I had my money for the Muff back though, I'd rather just get a better overdrive pedal... the fuzz is a little too much. There is no "light fuzz". It's just a little too much fuzz or way too much fuzz.

Also consider that I've only played my Muff with my Warwick which has some hot pickups. I've heard they sound better with passive basses, but I can't imagine the difference is huge.
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Probably my favorite Bass related site of all time (tied with this one). They have a pretty in depth review of it. I'd personally rather go with an Earthbound Supercollider (also on the site). The bass muff isn't bad, and it's very cheap, but I found the sound still left a lot to be desired.
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Correct on Cliff not using a Russian Big Muff. Sovtek starting manufacturing them a few years after he died. Most likely, he had one from EHX before they closed down. He also used one of the old chrome Morley Power Wah Boosts.

The Chili's, don't use distortion much, though Flea uses a Boss ODB-3 when he does. I've had that pedal for a couple of years now, and I hate it. Others love it.

The Bass Big Muff is a good pedal, if you like the Big Muff tone. The scooped mid fuzz sound is very distinctive. If you like that sound, it's great value for money. If not, you'll hate it very quickly.

As said before, bassfuzz.com is a place to check out. You should at least get some ideas of what you want your fuzz to sound like.

If you actually want distortion or overdrive, look elsewhere.
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Not sure on DFA1979 but the dude from Muse frequently uses a Russian Big Muff with a couple other pedals, at least for some songs, He uses some pedal to boost the bass, if you look it up you'll eprobably find it in no time.
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look at bassfuzz. muse is nice, but they use so many things it will depend on the song.
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