Verse 1:
Please don't listen to what I say
But come with me and let's run away
Because I miss you like crazy
And I think I'm going crazy so
I'll pack my bags and
You'll pack yours and we'll
Live out in the country

Throw away your worries, just come along with me

And I'll pack my bags if
You'll pack yours because
I miss you like crazy and
I'm just going crazy
So let's just run away

Verse 2:
I know it sounds insane
And I know there's not much time
But I promise I'll be yours
If only you'll be mine
And we'll spend our nights in the backseat
Listening to the radio blare
At peace, without a single care


Well, comments, concerns? Any tips would be great!
You should try to change the chorus because it's the same as the 1st verse just rewritten.