Yeah, sounds like a noobish question but I don't exactly know what the hell the difference is between Phaser/Chorus. I mean, I've listened to both types and can't really tell much of a difference.

EDIT: I think I got it, phaser just accentuates different frequencies (highs/mids) while chorus actually changes the pitch?
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The phaser changes the phase of the sound back and forth, others should be able to give details on this, chorus adds a differently pitched sound to your current to make it sound fuller.
basically phaser will sound something like a whoosh going through your sound because its messing with your frequencies (as you said)
although careful, flange sounds more like a whoosh than phasing
chorus (my personal favorite) is adding more to your signal and your sound and makes it sound fuller as mentioned, but really you have to go try one out (a good one) their really a very useful and elegant effect
mxr phase 90 or ehx small stone for phaser
ehx small clone for chorus
thats what i recommend to try
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turn your amps delay (if it has it) on full then put your chorus pedal about half to 3/4...play a little, then change the chorus to a phaser... play the same thing.

if u cant tell the difference there then u hav a burst eardrum