Yeah, I hate to do it...but I'm stuck, and making one of these threads.

I have $438 to buy a new guitar.
I play everything from folk/folk-rock to metal.
I already have a metal guitar, so I want something more towards the other end, but still versitle.
I like low tunings, but I love standard too.
I was possibly thinking semi-hollow or hollow, but it's -NOT- a requirement.

My amp is a Crate V-100 through 4x12 Celestion Seventy-80's

I know my requirements are rather general, but that's exactly the reason why I need help. Becuase they confuse me in my search just as much as they probably confuse you.
What I'm really looking for is suggesgions that can focus me a little better.

Thanks guys!
if you want a semi holow then you should checkout the epiphone dot, even though its an epi, its one that they made before they were bought out, at guitarcenter, theyre 400 bucks, also, like poker said, the tele is great too
Get an Ibanez ART-100. They're absolutely amazing for the price.
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