Okay, I got a new guitar and amp for christmas (thank god, cuz my old one was ****). It a Hamer XT Californian 2 and the Amp is a Mega.

I've been fooling around with settings on the amp for 2 days now and i cant find a good distorted sound.

I play alot of stuff by In Flames, especially from the last 4 albums (Reroute to Remain, Soundtrack To Your Escape, Come Clarity and A Sense of Purpose), but mail STYE and CC.

I can't find a setting that sounds anything like those 2 albums. Can anyone help?

The amp has the Volume (duh) Overdrive, Bass, Middle and Treble, the guitar has the Tone, and Volume knobs, plus the 3 pickup switch.

Any help is apprechiated.
most of the time you always have to get a pedal very few amps any have a good od on them and i hate that ,back in the 80's that was the #1 thing for amp's but not now .i would look into getting a pedal.
Usually if I'm playing In Flames, I go for settings like this...

Bass - 6
Middle - 4
Treble - 9

I get distortion from a DS -1 pedal set with Tone - 3 o'clock and Distrotion a little off full.
ok, i have a multi effects pedal (probably shoulda mentioned that)

and it has some good presetings that sound close to some of the songs by In Flames and ive fooled arounds some of em to get some more . but the new amp threw those off a little because they sound different coming through the new amp and not the the hunk of junk i had before.

my next question is: should i ditch the ME pedal and just get a distortion pedal?
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Naaa, keep your multi FX for the moment anyways, you may just have to experement with the tone controls on your amp and in the multi fx as well to get it to where it's sounding sweet. If you're going to get your distortion from the FX probably keep your amp sounding nice and clean. Also, use the bridge pickup onyour guitar and have your volume and tone controls right up, that should help you get plenty of distortion.
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