This dude hit and raped a friend of mine, her name was amanda, she was my BEST friend....even though he says it was consensual, she says it was rape, and i believe her...this guy has abuse charges, and former rape charges....against my sister....cops are launching an investigation, but while we wait, i figured the pit could do MUCH worse than any cop could...


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Not nice. Bad bad monkey.


zEDIT: Yes, he's an asshole, but be the bigger man, don't become an asshole too.
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Damn i live in Texas, anyways it seems wrong that you would post that remember innocent until proven guilty.
yea thats kinda harsh

iv also heard prison rape isnt the most pleasant of things

perhaps that would be suitable punishment?
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darkrikku I know you're pissed and angry but the justice system's there for a purpose, kay?
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Wow, you realize how big of a fool you look like, right OP? First, bringing something private and serious like this to a guitar forum, then asking us to be your personal army and start harassing him?

I hope you realize that if this can somehow be linked back to you, he's got a strong counter-case for harassment, which could absolutely destroy your chances of nailing him. Seriously, grow up and handle matters like an adult instead of coming here like a child and expecting to "get revenge".
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See what I mean, it took you a minute or less, lol

At the TS. Grow up, let the cops do their job. Dick.
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