I could do with some help making a choice.

Should I buy a Vox Satchurator or an AMT DT-2.

I've heard the AMT DT-2 . It sounds, from what I can remember, amazing.
The amp I heard it through awsn't very good, but the pedal was just... wow, as it sounded fantastic.

I don't know how it would go with my amp, but I'm sure I can expect good things.
So, I intend on getting the AMT, but, I really haven't heard much about them.

So, what should I know about AMT?
How good are they?
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I own the Saturator and I have to say it's probably the best distortion pedal I have ever heard. I've heard it through all kind & size amps and it doesn't dissapoint.
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But in all seriousness, I'd go with the Satchurator

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AMT Dist station, one of my friends guitar teacher has it and my friend says it sound amazing.