no. i don't think pots make that big of a difference in tone unless you go to a different value or have super cheapies. Go to Guitarfetish.com and get their setup. i'm sure it'll only be around 50 bucks for the same quality level items.
Unless I had a guitar with problems that were attributable to the electronics, I'm not sure that I'd spend the extra money to buy these components. Granted, they are high quality, but I don't think you'd be able to hear an audible difference in the sound quality. FWIW, you could probably buy these components from 1 or 2 sources and make your own harness. Just a thought. If you did that, it'd certainly be cheaper.
You can certainly buy the pots etc for less about 35$ probably less. Your paying them to put it all together. The CTS are way better than the cheap ones used in epis. Your not going to hear a huge difference using the orange drops versus the cheaper green ones. If you dont have a problem with your switch or jack then just get some good pots about 12$ for 4 CTS.