hey it sounds pretty OK! so whats computer generated? Drums anything else. How did u record (what program, gear, line-in etc.) iv been mucking around with the whole 'one man band' thing for sum songs, and your songs seem pretty good quality. Thanks!
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Definitely some good stuff there.

By the way, it's spelled "if", and I had an okay Christmas
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Hahaha sorry man yeah If. The drums are the only generated thing =] For those wanting to know they were done with EZ Drummer [Drumkit From Hell]. I record guitars/vocals/bass and any mic'd instruments through a line 6 toneport ux1 which does the job pretty well for what I need. For keys parts I used my 88-Key digital yamaha piano through a midi/usb interface. The organ sound comes straight from Hypersonic 2. I use cubase to record everything into.

Hope you all enjoy. There are still two tracks missing though a mellow one and a 10 min ending epic but because I have swapped from a comp to a new laptop the files have yet to be transferred.

Thanks for listening.
I dont know much about the forums rules but I just wanted to say thanks for everyone that looked I never expected to get this many views or any comments last time I posted up something in this section I think I got 10 views and no comments

special thanks guys and gals. keep on rockin
no problem if it sounds good, which it did.
"Could I have egg, sausage, chips and beans, and a tea." - Nick Mason