hinking about trading my Twin, really looking for a change with my amps.

details on the twin are:
1971 non-master volume silverface fender twin reverb
non-original speakers, but they are weber califonia's which are based on the jbl d120's that came stock in some of the 70's twins (with aluminum dust covers), it has had the filter caps replaced professionally less than a year ago. It has jj 6l6 power tubes that are less than a year old and tung sol pre amp tubes. It also comes with an ata road case that fit's it quite nicely.

the only draw backs are that i do not have a footswitch for it, it is in what i would call good condition with normal wear and tear for a 37 (almost 38) year old amp. the grille cloth is a bit frayed but is still there and all original.

the 65 reissues sell for a grand with case, and the vintage guitar price guide puts it at $1200 without case.

I'm looking for a vox ac-30 preferably with celestion blues or an older jmi model.

would prefer a trade with a case if possible but i understand that not everyone has one.

message me if interested