I'm on a rant, I feel like such a ****ing loser, I have one friend and I'm too self conscious of myself to try and make new friends. I like this one girl who I already blew my chance with by being a stupid idiot. Everytime i go out, i feel like people are looking at me, i always feel like im wearing bum clothes, my life is nothing but waking up, sitting on my computer until 7pm going to work till 11:30 and sitting back on my computer until 2, then watching discovery channel until i fall asleep. Occasionally i'll go to the mall with my one friend who i think is selfish and annoys me so much. Everytime i start to do something about my health, it lasts a day and i give up, i hate myself for the way i look, i can't accept it.

I guess the point of this thread to vent my ........something with people who don't know me.
I feel the same way actually.

EDIT: minus the one friend nonsense. oh and my clothes are awesome and i know that
So wait you're angry with OTHER PEOPLE that your life consists of the computer? How about you make some changes to your own life... the world doesn't owe you anything.
don't let the forest grow over the path you came here by