I'm sorry if this question has been asked before, or if it's in the wrong forum,
but I was just owndering what would be the best way of recording things directly into a computer? Either through an amp or without one?

Is there any particular FREE software that is good for this?

Also I want to be able to use my guitar through effect pedals, so would that just be a similar process?

And is there a way that would be able to hear what I am playing?

I want to record a simple track with a few layers: prehaps 3-4 guitar layers and a bass.

Thank you muchly,
This is a free software to record and mix your tracks.

It's not a good idea to plug effects directly to the computer mic input, it may damage your sound card.

Use a mic or a mixer between computer and guitar/effects.
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Ah yeah Cheers.
Using that would I just have to get a Jack/mic-in convertor and play away?
Or should I do it through my amp into the computer?
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Is it really dangerous to record through those effects pedals? Because i do it all the time like: Guitar>Pedal>Mic Port. From there to the recording program. Is it dangerous?

Yes. I'm speaking with personal experience.
And it doesn't give a nice sound either, does it?
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What? Dangerous? What kind of bull**** is that? Why would it be dangerous??
I record everything I do with a EXTREMLEY CHEAP Zoom GFX-3.. here's what tone I get (I think it's awesome with what kind of gear I have):

Never had any problems.
Guitar->Zoom GFX-3->External Soundcard

Mate, your song is really good and your guitar tone too. I don't know about your pedal. I was talking about single effects pedals and some multis too.

You can ask this question in geerslutz.com and I'm sure what you'll get is my answer.
Sorry about my hard answer.. I was in a bad mood lol
Thanks man.. I don't know why it'd hurt the soundcard; since it'd be as dangerous as any software in my eyes (seeing its just reading the sound signals it get from the soundcard).

Zoom GFX-3 is about the cheapest effect pedal there is on the market; never had any probs with it.

But you might be right, since you had those problems yourself. I'm just speaking of personal experience aswell.. and I don't see any logic in it harming the soundboard. Guess you're right, you seem to know more than me!