Do you find yourself favoring one over the other? Does one instrument sit in the corner while the other one is always in your hands? Do you feel at all conflicted when deciding what to practice on?

I can't decide if my guitar will just sit in the corner if I buy a bass(or the bass in the corner for that matter).
I play bass more because I'm a better bassist than I am a guitarist. If I was a better guitarist, I would find myself playing guitar more probably.

As it is, I'm playing piano more than either at the moment, because it's better than either
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I play bass a little more than I do guitar. I enjoy the hell out of both, but I think I'm a little more creative with bass. I usually play both everyday, so I've never had a problem of letting one sit around for awhile.
i play guitar more, but i always find time for my bass
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I play guitar more because I'm better at guitar and my bass is crap lol, if I had a better bass and a bass amp I'd play it alot more.
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Bass calls to me more than guitar. I played guitar for years, so I tended to concentrate on bass for the first year or so because my skill level was so disproportionate from one to the other. Now I tend to play bass because it really is my favourite.

Since my keyboard skills are negligible, guitar still is a compositional instrument for me. I also tend to dabble in other instruments time to time, like drums, mandolin, uke and now since I got one as a Christmas present, a blues harmonica.
I play bass for my band, but i write everything on guitar, record it then fit my basslines in over that then it all gets re-recorded with the guitarist when its ready so i use both fairly regularly but i guess i play guitar more as thats where most of my ideas come from.
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It varies with me. I'll play guitar more for a month or so, then bass. I never completely stop playing one, and it ends up being fairly even.
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i find that i'm more of a guitarist than i am a bassist. i do practice the bass a lot thought just in case. i also play saxophones so it's hard to find the time.
I go through phases where I play one instrument more than all the rest.
It rotates for me.