The digitech hardwire TL-2 Metal Disortion is a new pedal so there arent many reviews about it.
Has someone used this pedal ?? And is this a good pedal?

i read that this pedal is really great and even beats Boss pedals... so what do you think??

Which pedal is better- Digitech hardwire TL-2 , Boss mt-2 or Boss ml-2??
these pedals:
metal muff (if you are in a budget of $100)
t-Rex bloody Mary ($170ish)
damage control demonizer($300)
Seymour Duncan twin tube mayhem($250ish)

are better than the boss and the hardwire
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I believe it was Total Guitar magazine that said the TL-2 was the best metal distortion they've ever used. It's a lot better than the other Digitech/Boss ones and I think it's better than the Metal Muff but it's not better than the Twin Tube Mayhem or Demonizer. Of course it's also a LOT less money too.

What amp are you using?
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well ive had a few digitech pedals and i have been dissapointed in all of them with the exception of the whammy. i vowed to never buy another digietch pedal. i saw this Tl-2 yesterday in my local store and treid it out i didnt know it was digitech untill the owner brought to my attention that it was made in the US(i saw the digitech thing on the bottom). i bought this pedal yesterday and i havnt found anything wrong with it but if i do ill let you know.

just a breif summary of it.
it has a blue indicator led, machined knobs, a voicing toggle switch, a 3 band EQ and also a knob that lets you choose the width of the Med freq range(from 200 hz to 5k hz i think)

it comes with a glow in the dark sticker for the part of the pedal you step on and also a 3m velcro buttom so you can attach it to a pedal board.

the pedal is deff geared towards live performance.

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Id say in the price range the TL-2 is definately the better pedal.

The Metal muff isnt as dynamic as the TL-2, you can do alot more with it than the EHX.
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