I got an H2O chorus/delay pedal for Christmas (it's amazing ) and I'm having trouble attaching it to my pedalboard: the rubber on the bottom of the pedal refuses to let anything stick to it. I tried the normal adhesive on the back of the velcro and that came right off, I tried crazy glue, rubber cement, everything, and nothing will attach the velcro to the bottom of the pedal. Anyone know how to fix this problem? Thanks.
you're supposed to put the velcro around the pedal arent you?
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Or remove the rubber, as it just doesn't stick well, as you've already found. If it's going to be on your pedalboard, you won't need the rubber anyway.

Or you could strap it down with a couple of those plastic tags. I've seen people do that before.

OR you could screw it on from the screws which hold the bottom of the pedal on: get some longer screws, and screw them up through the pedalboard and into the correct holes on the pedal. Got to be careful with the positions though!
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