I need some help with my ibanez when ever i switch pickups with the pickup selector i lose sound i have to wiglle the selector for it to work again this problem only developed last night. i was just wonderin wat it could be.

(Edit) Im also thinkin about switchin pick ups i was lookin for a metallica kinda sound so i ws thinkin emg's or sd blackouts any thoughts??
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i have a fender frontman ive had the guitar a little while an its just started to happen!! it doesnt seem to matter whether i switch from bridge to kneck or kneck to bridge!!
I guess something needs re-soldering?

And with a Frontman, there's no point changing pickups, you won't hear much (if any) difference.
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New amp.

You'll feel like you got jacked hundreds of bucks if you get new pick-ups through this sh*t. I know, I own one.
Like mentioned it could be a bad wire, or a bad pot. Also, don't get EMGs if you want that "Metallica" sound. All pickups do is add sustain or tightness. The sound and tone always comes from the amp. I made this mistake when I first began playing and put an 81 in an SG Goth lol.
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im not set on emg's im just not sure what pick ups would best suit me which is why i asked before buying them i have quite a varied music taste so i wanted some that could handle a few genres
Proably some loose wiring inside it. The same happened to my Les Paul and I just soldered it back.
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