any suggestions? artist doesn't matter, i'm open for anything
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The harmonica solo in Superman, by Lazlo Bane.

Piano Man is a classic as well.
Bring it on home-Led Zeppelin
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Anything by Neil Young/Bob Dylan

P.S. I'm a womanfolk! : )

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Taj Mahal and Neil Young.
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Bring it on home-Led Zeppelin

yeah go with this one

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when the levee breaks-led zeppelin

actually alot of zeppelin, plant is a beast on harmonica
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Just about any Dylan.
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blues!!! howlin wolf, sonny boy williamson, muddy waters and many more!
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When the Levee breaks- Led Zeppelin
Any Bob Dylan.

EDIT: dammit!

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Yeah, anything Dylan works. Though, if you're feeling Creamy...

Spoonful - Cream
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What kind of playing do you want? I'm going to assume you want some blues.
If you want some insane modern playing i can recommend Jason Ricci. You could also check out Lee Sankey, Sugar Blue, Adam Gussow and Magic Dick.
If you want some old-school harmonica you can't go wrong with Sonny Boy Williamson (senior or jr), James Cotton, Little Walter or Sonny Terry.
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like previously said, neil young. you cant go wrong with him and harmonica. although i prefer his heavy stuff
zakk wylde - between heaven & hell; has a harmonica intro solo
Son Of Dave. He's a guy who plays a harmonica and beatboxes, with a looper pedal and everything plugged in to an ancient Fender Twin. He's awesome.

Beck (as in the genre-hopping singer/songwriter, not Jeff Beck) plays some mean harmonica too, Mellow Gold and Odelay have some good harp playing on them.

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Damn good blues guitar too. One of my favorites.
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