I currently have a PRS SE Custom, which i love, and its great for metal and hardcore, like hatebreed. I love the look of the les pauls, like the epiphone and ESP's, i just want a cheapish les paul to use for punk really, as i have my PRS for metal. Is there any anyone would recommend? i like the gothic epiphone i think it looks pretty damn coool, does anyone have one or used one?
I don't really see how the Epi Goth would be better suited for punk than the PRS. They're basically the same guitar, but the PRS has a trem, better playability and better craftsmanship.
If you're looking for a great LP style guitar and you don't mind not having the word Epiphone on the headstock, check out Agile. I just got one. It looks amazing, plays amazing, and it would be miles better than an Epi Goth Les Paul.


Click Electric Guitars, the Agiles start on the 9th page. There is absolutely nowhere else to get guitars like these for the price.
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Just use your PRS for punk for god's sake. It's virtually the same guitar...

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Just use your PRS for punk for god's sake. It's virtually the same guitar...

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honestly, i'd just save a bit more and get a japanese-made tokai, or maybe a gibson faded (IF you can try about 15 and pick the best one, and if there is no best one, don't bother).

you aren't really going to get anything much better than your PRS SE with £300 (unless you go second-hand), there isn't much point in having two mid-range guitars, if you ask me.
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Well the Ibanez ART100 is from what i've heard a great guitar and it's about 299 us (no idea in euros though)

It's Les Paul style if that's what u mean